S.T.P Company is performing its activities in dealing with trading Oil, Gasoil, Bitumen, Sulfur, Iron ore and petrochemical products.


Our objectives and field of activities are as below:

  • To export, import, purchase, sale, process, pack, distribute, warehouse, swap and transit of all oil, gas, mineral and petrochemical products.
  • To gain and grant agencies and establish branches.
  • To invest and participate in projects and companies independently or in partnership with real and legal persons.
  • To participate in governmental and non-governmental tenders and bids.
  • Transportation services.Custom clearance of all goods.
  • Logistic services.


C.E.O. Message :


Historically access to energy has always been considered as one of the most basic human needs and also a national key for economic sector that enjoys special attention of all governments as a significant factor of development. Due to the rich resources of energy and high volume of oil, gas and petrochemical products in the Middle East countries, this region becomes conductive and high potential area for Oil, Gas and petrochemical trades.

As already mentioned, because of the importance of Oil, Gas and petrochemical products, the governmental companies are usually involved and administrate the related transactions, however the governmental structures of these companies and the traditional management methods along with bureaucracy is not responding customer`s demands perfectly so presence of private companies to create effective business interactions are needed and has been welcomed by governments and related companies.

S.T.P has been established by enjoying the potentials of private sectors and providing specialized services to cover different regions. Our main goal is to attend significantly in the global market to respond customers` requirement and meet their inquiries by using update knowledge, high educated, experienced and professional employees at our offices.

We think globally and we believe in providing appropriate services for our loyal customers. High quality products, high performance and punctuality enable us to expand our markets significantly.